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SacreD Shift
Reclaiming Wholeness Together.

Sacred Shift is a stand for our fundamental wholeness as the basis for transforming the places where we are scared and stuck, and turning them into the very ground where we become alive and full-hearted.

While we have always valued personal practice and serving the world around us, it feels like now more than ever, we are all being asked to rise in a whole new way to the ever shifting challenges facing us and the world.

It is in response to these interesting times that Sacred Shift is being born, to sound a long and clear call for reclaiming wholeness together.

Our mission is to catalyze and sustain transformational changes that move us from fear to love, from me to we, and from separation to wisdom – in individuals, families and communities.


Sacred Parenting

PARENT – (origin) from Latin: 'bringing forth'

As adults we have the opportunity to guide children into maturity with tenderness and clarity. Yet so often we become lost in the demands of the moment, not quite knowing what is needed for our children or how to create a relationship that works for them and for us. 

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or simply have a child in your life that you care for deeply, this series will help you heal and grow in your own capacity to be a force for good.


When parents grow, their children grow.

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